Collective intelligence CAN change the world!

delancey streetDelancey street is a residence where drug addicts, criminals and really lost people can live crime-free lives, learn self-control and self-discipline, get school diplomas, marketable skills, jobs and eventually new lives. We were thrilled when they arranged a visit for us in their San Franciscan location because their power of collectiveness is full-on.

They have no shrinks, no doctors, no gurus. However they have each other and the tricky part is for ex-convicts to focus on what binds them together: change for the better. If you want to be better, to balance your scale, you do good, you change from the outside in.

One Tour’s belief is that collective intelligence can change the world. I think that Delancey Street is striving to build this intelligence from scratch. Criminals who often swore to kill each other -so not particularly thrilled by the collaborative aspect of human relationships- get to learn that it is ok to make mistakes and to ask other co-residents for help.

We were very warmly welcomed at Delancey Street and touched our hosts’ testimonials so we made a small video out of our visit and hope you enjoy it.

Here’s their website

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